WordPress plugin CadmiumCD Conference Harvester Integration

Oftentimes, a high number of vendors are required to effectively manage content all through the life-cycle of an event. This is a situation a company had to deal with before we were contracted to build a plugin to connect CadmiumCD Conference Harvester with their WordPress site

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CadmiumCD Conference Harvester WordPress API Integration

The CadmiumCD Conference Harvester is an event management software that was designed to efficiently and easily collect, manage, and share conference content. As a cloud-based platform, it simplifies a company’s workflow and at the same time, minimizes the number of vendors a company needs for effective management of its content throughout its event lifecycle.

The CadmiumCD Conference Harvester is useful before, during, and after the conference. With its integration, it serves a lot of functions which include but not limited to the following:

  • Visitors are provided the ability to search for and view a variety of educational sessions as against viewing these sessions on a different website.
  • Unique URLs for every conference session are developed through the integration of the CadmiumCD Conference Harvester. This way, it is easier for visitors to link to individual sessions from a variety of social channels and other websites.
  • The CadmiumCD Conference Harvester helps the event planner to manage and engage all of the company’s stakeholders from a dedicated database and dashboard for all of the company’s events.
  • It helps with proper management of submission, review, selection, and appropriate scheduling for conference grants, abstracts, and awards.


How we helped integrate CadmiumCD via API

Knowing how time-consuming and difficult it can be to put together even the smallest of details, we were able to put together an innovative and user-friendly way for the company to effectively and easily collect, manage, and share events content.

Unique URLs were created for each conference session so that they can be easily displayed on individual pages. Also, a search page was created to enable attendees of the event to easily search for sessions through various options which include speaker/presenter, keyword(s), and day/time.

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