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As a music seller or artist using WordPress, you have so looked forward to making a headway with WooCommerce but then it turns out that WooCommerce doesn’t provide that solution you have always wanted – offering a full album download and individual track downloads on the same product page. You are at a crossroads but don’t worry, there is a solution to that.

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All About The Albums WooCommerce Plugin

Being that WooCommerce features only leaves you with no option than to add a full album and each individual track on individual product pages, it leaves you with a lot of work which you might not really have the time for. Apart from the time and energy it takes to put up these individual product pages, it also leaves your WordPress website cluttered up. Something needs to be done fast and this is where the Albums WooCommerce Plugin from ProSvit.Design comes in for the rescue you need.

With the Albums WooCommerce Plugin, it becomes possible for you to upload and sell full-length albums and individual tracks on the same product page. The plugin comes with a variety of options that allow artists and music sellers conveniently sell their songs. It also has multiple features that makes it rank highly as a user-friendly interface.


Unique Features of Albums WooCommerce Plugin

Some of the unique features of the Albums WooCommerce Plugin include but not limited to the following. They are:

  • Compatibility with all major browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.
  • Provides support for Flash and Silverlight for those using older versions of browsers
  • Compatibility with a variety of mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and others.
  • Sales of WAV, MP3, and FLAC audio files via PayPal with just a few clicks.
  • Automatic completion of album title, artist name, and length for each track from metadata, if available.
  • Protection of audio files in order to prevent downloads of tracks without permission.
  • Ability to create unlimited playlists
  • Allows sales of collections (audio files can be grouped into albums or collections).
  • Allows insertion of product, sold products counter, or products list as a widget in the site’s sidebars.
  • Allows embedding of a player in any post, sidebar, or page using a shortcode.
  • Ability to enter discount coupons.
  • Ability to use custom artwork for each track.
  • Ability to automatically pack a downloaded album in a zip archive.
  • Sample tracks are automatically captured.
  • A simple system that aids with adding and editing albums.
  • Completely responsive to work on any device that supports your audio format.

Making the most of selling your music on your WordPress website depends mostly on using the right app that makes selling easier, for you and users of your site. With the Albums WooCommerce Plugin, which can be downloaded free from the WordPress Plugin Directory, you can be sure of improved traffic and sales. As an artist, the use of this app helps you to easily sell your songs, track stats, and increase your fan base. Is this what you wish to achieve? If yes, then go ahead and download the Albums WooCommerce Plugin and see the difference it makes in your online sales of music.

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