Looking for and getting the car of your dream comes with lots of hassles and commitments and this is where Carducks comes into the picture. This app helps customers communicate easily with qualified car dealers with zero hassles. All it takes is for you to log into the website, choose your intended car’s parameters (year, make, model, and maximum mileage), and they will do the rest – connecting you with car dealers that have all you wish for in your new car.

As a new startup in the automotive sales space, Carducks needed to have a fully-functional website that would ensure the site’s users get all the help they need towards getting their dream car without getting tricked into paying more than they should.

Bringing Carducks’ website to maximum functionality

This need for a fully-functional WordPress website came with certain expected key functionalities, which include the following:

  • Effective creating/managing of user accounts and sessions
  • Two level access to the same information that would allow consumers have their own separate Login/Account and B2B clients also have their own Login/Account.
  • Google maps zip code validation
  • Proper graphical arrangement of forms
  • Easy exportation and storage of collected form data in required formats
  • Dynamic autocomplete search
  • Chat application

These are some of the key functionalities Carducks required for its website, with the hope to explore further if the functionalities added are able to help them satisfy their customers.

A remarkable result

The team at ProSvit set out to work in order to improve the user experience of the users of Carducks. Some of the features that were mostly targeted towards the sites users include:

  • Use of modern and responsive WordPress theme
  • Convenient creation of a search based on car make, model, year, desired price, and date.
  • Customers’ full confidentiality
  • Built-in chat app that allows customers to discuss extensively before a transaction is concluded
  • Quick and easier registration of the test drive of the selected car

Carducks trusted ProSvit WordPress website developers with improving their site’s user experience and giving their startup the opportunity to make headway and excel in the automotive sales industry. ProSvit did not let them down as the team went the extra mile to create, develop, and deliver an outstanding WordPress website, with all the required functionalities and more.