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  • 2 Theme design brief

    Fill out the brief so the designers know what you’re looking for.

    What is your organization or website name?
    If you have an existing website, please list it here.


    What ideas do you have for the style/theme of your website design?

    Tip: Providing any thoughts on colors, illustration or photography will help guide designers.

    What websites can designers draw inspiration from? List websites you like and describe what you like about them.

    E.g. - I like the homepage of the website, the colors and imagery used as well as the menu and buttons.

    What would you like on each page?

    Outline the content for each page layout and also what the main goal of each page is.
    E.g. Homepage: We want a big featured image of our home with an introduction of who we are. The page should direct customers to the contact page.

    List any colors, themes or other elements that you don't want included.

    E.g. Please do not use any drop down menus.

    Is there anything else you would like to communicate to the designers?

    E.g. Your current logo, photos, illustrations, content, layout ideas etc.

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