WordPress Website Design for Manufacturing Companies

Your processes and products inspire confidence, and your website should reflect your company’s commitment and gain the trust of discerning customers. Prosvit.Design provides custom-tailored, high-impact manufacturing website design solutions for businesses that faithfully reflect the quality of their products.

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WordPress Website Design for  Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing Websites Development

Integral Web Development and Design Solutions to take your manufacturing business to the next level

Industrial Website Design - Advanced Catalog and Product Pages

Industrial Website Design Advanced Catalog and Product Pages

Our designs for manufacturing business websites incorporate digital catalogs and product pages. These dynamic multimedia tools let you display all the relevant product and process information for your customers in a way that shows your authoritativeness in your industry.

  • Automatically update product data across all brand channels
  • Enrich and complete product information in a centralized and efficient way
  • Consistently collect data as you implement omnichannel strategies

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Manufacturing Website Design - Distributor Locator Tools

Manufacturing Website Design Distributor Locator Tools

Manufacturing businesses that operate through a sales and reps network normally use dealer locator tools to provide consumers information on finding their products at local stores. Prosvit creates highly intuitive search-friendly navigation websites that can effectively increase sales from your dealers and distributors by optimizing the consumer´s journey.

Manufacturing Web Development Product Customizer

Manufacturing Web Development Product Customizer

Since product customization has become standard in the eCommerce retail market, manufacturing businesses can offer product customization tools to enhance the online shopping experience. Only expert web designers can create state-of-the-art intuitive and appealing product customizers for your company’s website.

Manufacturing Web Design Quote & Management Tools

Manufacturing Web Design Quote & Management Tools

Take advantage of our tailor-made quote management tools that efficiently combine great user experience with a platform that accurately meets the needs of your business. Get ready to:

  • Create quotes quickly.
  • Easily streamline your sales cycle.
  • Increase the speed of transactions.
  • Improve the overall purchasing experience for your clients.
Manufacturing Websites Development Document Management

Manufacturing Websites Development Document Management

Experience a highly efficiently document management system that allows you to seamlessly share files, data, resources, and information within your organization and allows you to:

  • Keep files and documents organized in one place.
  • Minimize efforts trying to find specific documents or files.
  • Take control over information access.
  • Cut on project delays.
  • Minimize time and costs and optimize your overall performance.
Industrial Web Development

Industrial Web Development
Website Home & Service Pages

Get a custom and unique website that stands out from the rest. Our professional website designers will transform every one of your ideas and goals into great-looking and functional websites that make you and your visitors feel confident about your firm and brand. Only a well-thought-out homepage and website structure can guide your customers and transform them into long-term clients.

Industrial Web Development  - Testimonials & Social Proof

Industrial Website Design Testimonials & Social Proof

There is no better way to gain trust and prove the compromise your brand has with quality than by leveraging social proof. When potential customers hear great things from people they can relate to, they instinctively know your business is trustworthy. Prosvit specializes in crafting effective sales funnels that maximize review per client rates and pulls out testimonial data from trusted sources that enrich your visitors´ experience.

Manufacturing website design - Call To Action

Manufacturing Website Design Call To Action

Give your leads clear and precise directions to navigate them to where you want them to go and perform the specific actions you want them to accomplish.

  • Entice your visitors to share their email addresses so you can build up your mailing list.
  • Increase advance orders to guarantee sales and long-term growth.
  • Let your visitors and potential customers sample your new product lines or features.

Manufacturing Web Development Automation & Integration

Effortlessly integrate all your systems and apps through a well-thought-out interface. Prosvit enhances your manufacturing business website and turns it into a top-performance online B2B or B2C provider.

CRM Social Media Integration








Zoho Books

Zoho Books

Google Ads

Google Ads





Integrating various systems and customer management solutions into one robust and intuitive custom-craft interface means you’ll never have to juggle between applications and responsibilities. Let us do all the heavy lifting for you.

Manufacturing web development - Automation & Integration

Other Features

A complete toolkit for your Industrial website

Reviews and Testimonials

Increase conversion rates and more effectively build your contact list. Want to sweeten the deal? Offer site visitors a free visitor pass, discount voucher

SEO Optimized

More than 3/4 of consumers search the Internet for local businesses and services. Let your business website rank right from the outset with our proven SEO strategies. Let’s pump up your rankings and hit the first page in searches!

Rich Snippets

Stand out in search results by having additional information about your web pages directly in the search results. This information may include image thumbnails, product prices, review data (star rating), questions and answers, and other data.

SEO Friendly URLs

SEO friendly URLs contain words that clearly explain the content of the page, and they’re easy to read by both humans and search engines.

XML Sitemaps

An XML Sitemap is a specially formatted file that lists every single page on your website. This makes it easy for search engines to find all of your content. While adding an XML sitemap does not boost your site’s search rankings, it does help search engines find the pages quickly and start ranking them.

SEO Optimized Images

Optimized images for search engines that use a descriptive title and alt tags. These tags help search engines understand what your image is about. They also help users with visual impairment as their screen readers can read the alt text to them.

Yoast SEO

SEO is one of our top priorities and you can expect high SEO performance with Yoast SEO plugin integration.


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology that encrypts the connection between a user’s browser and the server they are connecting to. This adds an additional security layer to your WordPress site.

Google Maps

Embed a Google map on your page and help your visitors pinpoint your business location.

Email Opt-In

Increase conversion rates and more effectively build your contact list. Want to sweeten the deal? Offer site visitors a free visitor pass, discount

Clear Calls to Action

Present potential members with clear instructions to guide them through your sales funnel. Maybe that starts with a free trial of your fitness platform and training programs


Free your creative team by giving them the tools they need to manage multiple blogs on a single platform. Whether it’s financial news for your board members or service and product updates for your customers and fans, you can control content, editors, authors, users, and subscribers from an easy-to-use dashboard.


Let fresh ideas flow! Manufacturing Websites Development forums are a great tool to collaborate and share experiences that enrich your organization’s knowledge base. Give your employees and customers the proper tools to communicate and collaborate in solving problems, challenges, and solutions.

Social Media Integration

Make sure your customers can like, follow, and tag you as needed. Clearly display your social media profile and even integrate your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds on your WordPress website. Make it easy for potential, new, and loyal customers to find you and follow you on all your social platforms.

Workflow & Forms

Create online forms and streamline business processes in minutes, saving valuable employee time and improving information accuracy. Best of all, all your forms are fully accessible and stored in one place.


Test different designs and content against each other and choose unique goals to see how each variation performs. Divi gives you powerful insights so that you can pick the best version and increase your website’s conversion rate using proven results.

Analytics Tracking

Get detailed stats for each post and page, so you can see the most popular posts, pages, and sections of your site.

Landing Pages

Creating and managing landing pages has never been this easy, all within your current WordPress website.

Live Chat

Chat with your customers, send their details to your CRM, manage orders and accept payments.


It has never been more vital to have a secure website. We offer high quality websites utilizing cutting-edge security hardening approaches and ensure your website is secure and up to date through multi-level code evaluations.


We adopt best coding principles from start to finish, making it easy for you to grow and scale. Never be concerned about your website’s capacity to accept an unexpected user load.

Mobile Friendly

Did you know that an active blog can help you to increase your SEO ranking? That’s right, a blog is the perfect media for publishing fresh content to your website.

Content Management

Forget about digging through pages of code to make any change to your website. Improve your interface usability and update the content in the blink of an eye with a handy content management system.


Easily integrate all your systems and apps through a well thought out interface. Our expert developers can develop an API that seamlessly integrates every moving part in your company, making it more efficient than ever.

Multilingual Support

Our themes support the most popular multilingual plugins out there, such as WPML, Polylang, Weglot etc, to make sure you won’t have to part with your preferred tool to create your new multilingual site.

WooCommerce Support

Exclusive eCommerce features, anything for your professional store. Create eCommerce websites like no other: Single Product Builder, custom Cart, Checkout, My Account Builder, Quick-View, Wishlist, and more…

Inventory Management

Yes, with WordPress you can showcase your products in an impressive manner, but did you know you can also manage your inventory? Don’t mislead your customers to purchase a product you no longer have while also frustrating your accountant. Let us build you an inventory management system that allows you to track and plan your offerings.

Coupons and Discounts

Customers love to save money. Plan and promote coupons and discounts around the holidays, or whenever you’d like. Track users and set expiration dates. With WordPress, you set the controls on your promotions.

Payment Gateways

Offer your customers multiple options for secure payment that are user-friendly and enjoyable. With WordPress and available extensions and plugins, you can accept credit cards, PayPal, and even cryptocurrency. Allow WebDevStudios to create for your business a specially designed eCommerce destination where customers can easily spend their money.

Shipping Methods

Just like you can manage inventory with WordPress, you can also manage shipping. Integrate third-party shipping services and give your customers a slew of shipping options. Not only can you track your shipments, your customers can also track arrival. You can even send automated emails keeping them updated on when to expect to receive your product.

Affiliate Programs

Need influencers to help sell your business? Offer them an opportunity to join your affiliate program. We can easily integrate an affiliate program into your WordPress website so you can grow your business and influence others to market for you.

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